Friday, May 20, 2005

Lutheran Blogger's Unite!

My buddy wildboar asked me to post this on my blog, and I'm happy to do it. You're welcome to join us!

For those of you who enjoy reading/commenting on Lutheran blogs, I have a cool opportunity I’d like to bring to your attention. Some friends of mine (also Lutheran bloggers) recently started a Lutheran chat channel called “tabletalk.” There, we can do all the things that attract us to writing/reading blogs… enjoy one another’s company, share ideas, relate joys and concerns, air our opinions on current events and pop-culture, and yes…discuss/debate theology!

This channel offers all of the above and I was hoping many of you might stop by for some good conversation. We’re hoping to populate the channel with Lutheran bloggers/readers so we can discuss issues we believe are important to us. Please, feel free to invite any other confessional Lutherans you think might be interested.

If you are interested, here are the instructions on how to get into the chat room.

Hope to see you there

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