Sunday, March 23, 2008

Issues Etc petition

I am sure that almost anyone who would find their way to my blog has probably already heard about the cancellation of my FAVORITE radio program, Issues Etc, as it has been amply publicized through the numerous other Lutheran blogs out there. However, if by chance you have not, please view the online petition to reinstate the program.

If you are a listener, I'm sure you've probably signed already. If you don't listen, or haven't heard of Issues Etc, please check out the monthly archive and listen to some of the program. I wouldn't want or expect non-listeners to sign, just for the sake of having more signatures, but give the program a listen and I think you will quickly realize what a jewel our church has lost.

My personal feeling is that this show was an invaluable resource, and I almost couldn't download the programs fast enough, to go home and listen to them. It kept me informed on a host of issues, ranging from Biblical and theological issues, to news events in the broader and politics. Highly respected and knowledgeable guests from areas of apologetics, ethics, politics, and a slew of theological topics kept my thinking and my faith rigorously engaged in Christ-centered, cross-focused dialogue. A tremendous outreach worldwide, and a shame to have lost this. My hope and prayer is that this decision will be reversed soon. God bless!

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