Monday, March 07, 2016

"The Father's Love", a hymn about the parable in Luke 15:11-32, the Prodigal or Lost Son.

The Father’s Love
Meter 48 44 88
Luke 15, the Parable of the Father’s Love

1. I ran away
My Father’s love I did betray
As if I said
“If you were dead
I’d take it all and run from home
I’d see the world—there I would roam”

2. He gave to me
It came from His own property
I spent it all
I felt the fall
Down to the bottom with the swine
God, can it be? This life is mine?

3. If only I
Could earn your love then I might try
I’d work it off
Redeem myself
But I could never be your son
Oh dear God!—what have I done?

4. But what is this?
My Father welcomes with a kiss
A warm embrace
His smiling face
This love was never earned by me
Oh dear God!—Your love is free!

5. “Son welcome home!
My heart finds joy you’re not alone!
Please come my son
We’ve just begun
To celebrate the lost is found
Fill up the house—and gather round!”

6. “Will you join in?
Your brother has come home again.
Please come my son
We’ve just begun.
How long I prayed for his return?
This is my love—for you to learn.

7. The Father’s Son
Christ Jesus is the Blessed One
The lost to reach
The hard to teach
Taught us to walk the extra mile
For ev’ryone—to reconcile

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