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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Movie Discussion Guide

*** I wrote this guide, with the exception of the six numbered questions near the end, which were taken from an online movie review, so I take responsibility for any grammatical, factual, or logical errors. You are free to use it if you find it helpful or useful. I wrote it rather last minute, and realize there are many more good questions or talking points that could be developed from the film, so this is only a springboard for discussion. I'd be happy to receive any positive or negative feedback. God bless! Introduction: What is Intelligent Design? “Intelligent Design is three things: 1. A scientific research program that investigates the effects of intelligent causes 2. An intellectual movement that challenges Darwinism and its naturalistic legacy 3. And a way of understanding divine action" [1] ~Does Intelligent Design (ID) deserve a place on the “playing field” of science? ~Is this an example of stifling inquiry because scientists cannot stomach the c