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Sermon for Palm Sunday on Luke 23:23-25, "Voices, Demand, Will"

            In the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen. A spiritual storm was launched on Jesus at the cross. All the anger, confusion, discord, and hatred boiling on the surface, was stirred up from Satan and all his demons below. A fury of false accusations, vehement cries, urgent shouts—a rising crescendo; away with this man! This Jesus! How did His own people treat the Son of God? Not with the worship due God’s Son, nor with the honor due the King who rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, nor with the attention due to the pure Teacher of God’s Truth. Instead, like a thorn in their side, a criminal to be crucified, a false prophet and a blasphemer to denounce. They saw Jesus as their enemy, not their Deliverer. See how resolute He is in the midst of the spiritual tornado of lies, death and dishonor; how strong, calm, and even merciful and forgiving. Your rock and refuge in the storms of life. When you are struck down, cling to Him.             Zoom into