Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Good advice for the young book-worm (me)

"It is not many books or much reading that makes men learned; but it is good
things, however little of them, often read, that make men learned in the
Scriptures and make them godly too. Indeed the writings of all the holy
fathers should be read only for a time, in order that through them we may be
led to the Holy Scriptures. We are like men who study the signposts ad never
travel the road. The dear fathers wished, by their writings, to lead us to
the Scriptures, but we so use them as to be led away from the Scriptures,
though the Scriptures alone are our vineyard in which we all ought to work
and toil."

I read this Luther quote today, and it happened to be while I was relishing the opportunity to begin reading the Church Fathers, which I purchased on Libronix software. He makes a good point about better learning coming from reading and re-reading few good books instead of the tendency (like mine) to just keep reading endless piles of books. I still greatly look forward to reading the Fathers, but its an excellent reminder that the Church Father's goal was to point to Scripture, which should be our true vineyard. A vineyard wherein lies Christ the True Vine!


robin/toto said...

good thoughts and quote here Josh/dust, :), a friend once said this too, of reading few good books and reading the bible.

Josh Schneider said...

thanks toto!