Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A quote in Reply to postmodernism

"But it should give Christian theologians the necessary
candor to look their secularist opponent in the eye and confront
his arguments about rationality and intellectual honesty
head on: You are neither rational nor honest; on thecontrary, all
your important positions are dependent on theological points
of view which you have made it your raison de'tre to attack.
You think the world makes sense? It doesn't, if there is no God
to grant it. You build your argument on the idea that what you
say makes sense to another human being? Be careful, for you
may unwittingly have confirmed the idea that all human beings
are created in the image of God." --Knut Alfsvag


Amberg said...

Thanks, Josh, for the quote.
Post-modernists are basically pagan at the core. I wrote the below poem in a fit of rage against the Univ. of MN.

Who is this god of Chance whom you adore?
Whence comes he and of what does she consist?
Beyond the realms of knowledge does it soar,
Whose realms of rule no Reason can resist.
“I do not know” you amiable answer is,
“Don’t worry, although when the time does come
Of Ignorance which asks ‘Just how is this?’
Just worship Chance with mind both deaf and dumb.”
Thus you can build your tow’r to unknown heaven
And speak words only of your own accord,
While hearing not by whom your mouth is given,
For Chance such questions never could afford.
To worship Chance is choosing not to hear
The judgment that destroys what you hold dear.

Josh S said...

Post-modernism and secularism aren't the same thing.