Monday, June 05, 2006

Just to prove I'm still alive!

So it has been a really long time since I've posted anything on my blog, and for the handful of folks who still check it occasionally, I apologize--and I can't promise whether I'm going to continue it much :) ...but I did just post a new sermon I preached yesterday at my home church.

In case anyone is wondering what's been happening lately, the good news is that I've graduated from seminary, and received my call into the ministry as an associate pastor. I'm scheduled for ordination this Sunday, and am expecting to leave early July for my call...which is to Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Kahului, Hawaii! Yes, it's true! I am going to Maui for my first call. I'm actually going to be serving in a unique situation--initially I will be a teacher for the 6th-8th grade science and religion classes, so I'm going to have the greater portion of my duties as a full-time teacher to start out. I will also be helping the pastor on a part-time basis, probably 25% of the time, as the teaching will demand much of my attention. I'm eagerly looking forward to it, as I get to teach my favorite subjects, science and religion (I was a biology major in college) as well as to learn from a Pastor who has had many years of experience in the congregation. And who knows? Maybe I'll learn to surf in my free-time? :)

So I may post the occasional update or sermon on the blog, but I'm not sure yet. I anticipate that it will be a busy first year, but I'm excited about it because now I'm finally going to be serving in the work for which I was called! I look forward to preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my first congregation, as well as being a teacher, which should be a good experience for me. Until later, Aloha!


Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Dude, hang loose, I think.

Congratulations. :)

Xrysostom said...

You might also share some of your musings based upon Bible study (personal or corporate) and the like. I find that blogging helps me clarify my preaching and teaching.

BTW #1, congratulations on graduation and call.

BTW #2, I think you can change your "About Me" in blogger.

Sra. Wiese (Stapels) said...

Josh - Es su maestra de español de LHE. Leí en el periodico sobre su celebración. Qué fantastico! Te espero el mejor en Maui.

Josh Schneider said...

Dan and Xrysostom, thanks :)

Sra. Wiese-- Gracias! Yo Recuerdo su clases. Necesito practicar mi espanol mas, pero hido practicar leyendo el Catechismo menor en seminary. Gracias por su congratulaciones!

^^Forgive the bad grammar and any mistakes :)