Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates on Blogroll

just a quick note for any readers that may have perused my links to other lutheran blogs before. I haven't checked or updated almost any of them for probably 3 years. I thought it was about time, and checked them to see how many were broken, expired, etc. To my surprise, there were several that had been taken over by ridiculous advertising, and had none of their original content. Some had all kinds of strange videos, one was completely turned into Japanese advertisements for snack foods, and other unusual things. Other blogs are now defunct or whatever, so I removed a bunch. I didn't add any new ones, simply because I have so little time to read blogs that I don't even know what's happening on some of those I used to read infrequently. Of course, I claim no endorsement of the blogs I listed,either. Nothing personal if any of the links are gone. Just pared it down. :) Happy blogging!

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Dan @ Necessary Roughness said...

Pr. Schneider,

Thank you for stopping by NR. I refer your blog as a blog that is pretty free of politics and that is focused on preaching Christ crucified. Thank you for posting your sermons.

You'll have to remind me where your church is again -- did you stay in Oklahoma?